What’s the best and worst thing about being a twin? (+)

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hi hello if you’re reading this i hope something good happens to you today

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New York City’s Central Park from Above

New York City’s Central Park from Above

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blue ivy before she goes to bed


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Image Tracing - Adobe Illustrator

This is the second project for the Computer Graphic Class.

We’re told to take a picture of 3 things, then remove the background on Adobe Photoshop, and tracing it on Adobe Illustrator (no live trace please!)

Sounds simple, but it wasn’t..

So here are the 3 things i chose; my body mist bottle, my gum bottle, and my laptop.

Firstly, i removed the background on Adobe Photoshop

I opened the Adobe Illustrator, and place the image on the A3 artboard. Then i started to tracing those 3 things using the pen tool.

Here’s the result of the black and white tracing :

In case you want to see the detail

After the black and white, on the 2nd artboard we had to trace those 3 things with colors (warm and cold colors)

I did the exact step like the black and white, except this time i followed the real color.

Here’s the result :

The detail :

Last but not least, i added the background for those 2 artboards! 

Final result :

Patterns! - using Adobe Illustrator

So i was having fun making patterns using the Adobe Illustrator.

Here are the patterns. Enjoy!

Try a new level, fruits. 

I made the fruits using the pen tool and lines. For the coloring i used the brush.

here’s Dave Franco smiling to brighten up your day. Enjoy! :)

here’s Dave Franco smiling to brighten up your day. Enjoy! :)

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simple and pretty!

simple and pretty!

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